DeltaEta is an Indian Cost Reduction Consultancy firm serving Companies to overcome their four major challenges:

  1. Narrowing margins due to Increasing costs

  2. Declining revenues as Constraints limit Throughput

  3. Excess and Un-Optimized Inventory

  4. Low awareness & consciousness about costs.

Improve Revenues & Profits, consuming less...


Trained Senior and Mid Management officials from Leading Companies all over India.

objective based customised service for desired results

When it comes to implementing a company-wide project like ISO, Six Sigma, or Cost Reduction, finding internal leadership with the necessary expertise can be a challenge. Even if someone is appointed as the project leader, their day-to-day activities may not allow them enough time to focus on the project, causing it to lose momentum after the initial excitement wears off.

That's where a Project Management Consultant from outside the company can help. With their leadership skills, expertise, unbiased viewpoint, and dedicated time, they can ensure the successful completion of your project. Trust us to help you achieve your goals.

Why appoint Project Management Consultants?

Challenge 1

Costs of all Inputs (Raw Materials, Consumables, Power, Water, Spares, Manpower, Fuel, Transport) undergo regular increases (annually about 10%), while selling price of products keep declining (annually about 5%) due to stiff competition and customer preference. This leads to a precarious situation as follows:

Three Major challenges faced by Businesses today

Challenge 2

Constraints prevent adding one more unit of output, thus limiting Revenue. In course of time with declining prices, dropping efficiency of Man & Machine, along with Complacency & Complexity, the Output decreases leading to the following scenario

Challenge 3

Inventory is money lying in material form and the higher the Inventory, higher the working capital needs and interest costs. Also, some items are in excess while some are less in stock, there is chances of lost sales opportunities. Maintaining an optimized inventory with high ITR is good for business.

In 4 years, the Profit change from a healthy +25 to loss of -15

Objective of project – Reduce COGS Period – 6 months

200+ Alternatives identified and implemented to reduce consumption of raw material, consumables, time, electricity, packing material etc. ,saving annually crores of rupees .The savings are permanent and accruing year after year

With Variable costs also going up , How to overcome this challenge ?

Objective of Project - Increase monthly throughput Period - 6 months

100+ Alternatives identified and implemented to increase productivity throughout the factory by reducing time consumed, eliminating unwanted process, increasing machine availability, reducing downtimes, reducing frequency, developing new tools, etc.

Objective of Project – Improve Inventory Turnover ratio ( ITR ) and Sell Through Rate ( STR )

Period -12 months

Over 9,00,000 (Nine Lakhs) units of electricity saved per annum through our projects. The changeswere permanent, thus avoiding cost escalation in future

Clean and safe Workplace

Apart from aesthetics and morale boosting aspects, a clean and safe working place saves Cost, Time & amp; Headache to the Organization. The Indian Tradition of celebrating Ayudha Pooja or Vijayadasmi are one day events in a year but for a factory Cleanliness is a must on all days. The Japanese, with their systematic and regular approach have introduced a methodology names 5S to maintain a clean and safe working place throughout the year.

DeltaEta helps companies implement 5S within 3 to 4 months.

Period - 3 to 4 months

Minor challenges faced by Businesses today

Optimizing Route and Space

Productive space inside a factory is hard to get and losing it in non- productive areas like STORAGE and PASSAGES is not viable for a company. Also, the longer the routes travelled, the higher the time consumed, effort expended and the cost incurred. However, Space and Route are seldom changed for fear of resistance from users and old path is followed.

DeltaEta helps companies to optimize space and route using XYZ analysis .

Period - 4 to 6 months

Our Training Programs

Cost Reduction Strategies to Enhance Profits?
  • Organized by Trade Association like MMA, CII, IEEE

  • For Senior & Mid Management, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners

  • Two days/12 Sessions

How to Enhance Competitiveness?
  • Organized by Corporate

  • For Senior & Mid Management

  • Two days/12 Sessions

Cost Reduction @ Operation Level
  • Organized by Trade Association & Corporate

  • For Middle & Junior Management

  • Two days/12 Sessions

Why Business Collapses? Reason & Remedies
  • Organized by Trade Association

  • For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, SSI, MSME

  • One days/6 Sessions

Inventory Optimization Techniques
  • Organized by Trade Association

  • For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, SSI, MSME

  • One days/6 Sessions

Increase capacity without capex
  • Organized by Trade Association

  • For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, SSI, MSME

  • One days/6 Sessions

Why we should practice Cost Reduction?
  • Organized by Corporate

  • For Junior Management & Shop floor Personnel

  • One days/6 Sessions

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