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Our Customer's speak

On the onset, I would like to thank you on behalf of CII and on my personal behalf for taking such a wonderful workshop on Cost Reduction. By mixing the workshop with both theory and problems, you were able to keep the audience engaged at all times.Judging from the feedback that I have received from some of the participants, the workshop was very well taken.

Eapen Toni John

Executive, Cii, Kochi

It was a bit difficult in the beginning but I did understand eventually and it was relatively excellent than. The workshop regarding implementing cost reduction was really interesting and instructive, I feel it has given me enough to explore and has also made a lot more analytical about investigating with cost reduction & improve profit of organization.

Gambhirsinh Solanki

AGM, Projects Electrotherm (India) Ltd.

Today I attended the Workshop in Mysore on the Cost Reduction at Operations Level.Also I personally met the Trainer Mr. Ninan P Chandy of DeltaEta Cost Reduction Consultants Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum. One of the Excellent Programmes I attended.Also one of the Area of Special Focus is cost reduction in Lighting Industries since he worked in these areas for many years .

N Raghavendra Puthraya

Eveready Industries India Ltd

We are happy to have associated with M/s DeltaEta Cost Reduction Consultants Pvt ltd, Trivandrum for implementing 5s & Revising Layout at our Digital Printing Press. Project period : Oct 17 - Sept 18.
Apart from getting a clean and neat working place, we gained the following:
1. Our operation was spread over 5 floors and terrace. Now it is reduced to 4 floors and there is lots of space everywhere.
2. We got a new dining room for the staff in the firsr floor. Earlier it was on terrace.
3. Cleared lot of unused materials and scrap.
4. Got a larger reception area and more work stations to serve customers.
5. Reduced distances travelled by material and people.
We could achieve all this without sacrificing even one working day for this purpose. We wish DeltaEta success in all their future endeavours.

Digital House