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Greetings from Foreign Language Olympiad Association (FLOA)

The world is coming close and communication is getting essential by the day. Just like we have History, Geography, Science, Mathematics, etc as compulsory subjects in our school curriculum, we at FLOA feel that, at the school level every student should be introduced to at least one foreign language irrespective of his/her socio-economic status.

      To make your students Global citizens, FLOA  is providing  Free Foreign Language Education (online) and conduct Foreign Language Olympiad Exam (online) for students from 5th to 12th Std. Looking forward to associating with your esteemed institution and make the school and students STAND OUT. The features of this course are :

  • The Foreign Language Olympiad Exam is conducted Online at a National Level.
  • The Autonomous Syllabus content designed by FLOA is listed on DIKSHA – An initiative by NCERT (MHRD, Government of India)and is circulated nationally through their Web Portal and Cellphone App.
  • DIKSHA Web portal link:- See Basics of German (FLOA) on DIKSHA at
  • Foreign Language Olympiad Exam can be conducted in any school irrespective of the
    • EducationBoard (State Board / CBSE / ICSE / others) ,
    • Native Language Medium of the State  or student( English / Hindi / Urdu / Malayalam/  Marathi / Tamil / Telugu / Gujarati / Bengali / Kannada  etc.).
  • The Syllabus and Study Material in the form of Videos and Text Booklet is available free of cost on the website to all the schools, teachers, and students  in 2 languages – English and Hindi
  • This Exam is open for all students from 5th Std to 12th Std. and is objective type.
  • Learning by watching the videos  1 hour per day for 3 months will make students.
  • Classroom teaching is not needed as the online lessons are self-sufficient.
  • Along with the free syllabus videos, students can also download the free booklet take printouts, and use it for studying.
  • This Foreign Language Olympiad Exam is certified, enabling the student to move to a higher level and will boost the morale and confidence of the students.
  • The exam fee is Rs 175 ( less than a cost of a monthly BSNL subscription or a kg of apples!!!)  per student including GST.
  • Rs 20 / shall be returned back to the school  after the closure of registration.
  • Students can register directly and pay online on the link given by the respective school . 
  • The next exam is scheduled for 5th May 2021 & 9th May 2021  for the first level. The student needs to select the exam date while registering
  • Students can use this pandemic time to add a new language to their skills.
  • Our  exclusive Kerala Channel Partner M/s Delta Eta Pvt Ltd  (
  • its a  3 step process –
    • Step 1. schools to register free of cost and get the  school code online 
    • Step 2. students to register in the link using the school code, pay online, and get the student link to access free course content.
    • Step 3. after the closure of registration student shall get the link to exams.
  • Eligibility to the next level shall be announced online after the exams are completed. 
  • Repeaters can re-register  for the next exams 
  • Schools can check online the number of students registered.
  • Presently German ( 130 million speakers, 42 countries widely uses  )  lessons are available, which shall be followed by Spanish ( 485 million speakers in 20 countries ), and French ( 277 million,29 countries ).
  • A student can easily complete  4 levels in 3  languages during the years from class 5 to 12 and become a proficient multilingual personality  before leaving his teens!!!
  • The opportunity is here 
  • Website Link –
  • Link for Free Sample Video Lessons –
  • Link for General Instructions for Schools  –

School Registration Link –

Join us in our endeavor to help children take welcoming steps towards becoming multilingual and use their linguistic skills to make the entire globe their travel destination and workspace.