Delta Eta


1.Business Coaching

DeltaEta   offers   Coaching   to Entrepreneurs, challenging them to reach their potential and excel. It’s a one to one   meet, online or offline guiding in areas like in Cost reduction, Financial analysis, decision making   Costing, Pricing, Break even, HR etc. What is shared is   the 33 years of experience   gained   in diverse fields, which   helps   the   Entrepreneur   to perform better.   The   engagement can be short term, like a few hours for a special purpose or longer.   Entrepreneurs, who don’t get the time to join our regular programmes    can avail   the same in a 1 to 1 on line session   as per your convenience. Topics can be selected from our Training programmes or Curriculum Enrichment Course.

2. Mentoring

The bane of entrepreneurs   today is the lack of supporting shoulders.  No Seniors or peers to hold on to, it’s a lone fight for many.  First generation entrepreneurs toil alone, work long hours, are busy firefighting and fighting criticism, competition and adverse circumstances that they almost give up.  DeltaEta   provides mentoring   and   advisory service   strengthening them in their entrepreneurial journey and realize   their dreams.

3.Advisory service & Feasibility Studies

Stuck with a problem and find no help coming from known quarters. DeltaEta is at your side to develop findings, conclusions and recommendations for your consideration and decision making. Our experience and willingness to solve your issues shall help you to leap frog crisis   in any area of the organization. Rest assured it shall be done with utmost confidentiality.

Another area of our support is in conducting feasibility studies for your ventures.  It may be fresh  venture or an expansion plan but its commercial viability has to be analyzed before venturing to have a fair chance of success. ROI, Breakeven Values, Market size, competitor  analysis helps entrepreneurs to start better armed. Time -1 month-2 months 

4.Business Opportunity

DeltaEta wishes to reach its services to all and invites like mind professionals from all parts of the world to become an associate in Cost Reduction or sub- channel partner inside Kerala for Accreditation management systems and FLOA. Contact us for more details. To become an associate in Cost Reduction one to one Training shall be provided for 2 months .