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The Outcome based Consultancy   service of DeltaEta aims at bringing about change with the outcome in mind. Starting with  2 days Training to identify The service is a 6 month /6 visit process per phase , with validation of identified opportunities, establishing the outcome and handholding in implementation. Shard ideas and methods are proven and tested.

Systematic and scientific methods are followed to ensure that the gains are permanent, savings are real and quality is not sacrificed. Devil’s advocate ensures that the intended use of the product is not lost in the process and the cost reduction efforts are in the right direction. Derailing is avoided by identifying the resistance and pain points and obviating them in the initial phase. 

Its not Costs that is focused but Competitiveness, ensuring that consumption is minimized and utilization maximized leading to better Throughput and Contribution. 

What are Operational Activities and Why focus there?

Operational Activities are those activities carried out from receipt of Customer Purchase Order to generating the delivery Note & Invoice for that order. It doesn’t include Sales, Marketing or promotional activities or Admin and Finance activities.

The main reasons for focusing at OL are

2. Training

“Give a man a fish and you feed him one time;
teach him to fish and you feed him a lifetime“ – Japanese Proverb .

Aimed at Senior and Middle management,  the 2-day Workshops with 12 sessions are conducted for Corporates or Trade Bodie,  teaching the concepts of Unit Cost reduction . Covering   all Operational areas starting from Design  until dispatch , the pedagogy  used is Socratic and learning is   by problem solvin. PPT’s, Do it yourself exercises,discussions and live demos drive home the point and makes the 2 day workshop  a rejuvenation course for the Company  and the Individual. 

For Top Management

Chairman, CEO, MD, COO, GM Heads of Business Houses attend this exclusive 3-hour event to familiarize with Unit Cost Reduction and Implementation. It’s the concept that is shared.

For Juniors and Shop Floor

Success comes from the participation of shop floor personnel and this 1-day training focused on clearing the myths and misconceptions making them ready for participation .CII Naoroji Godrej Centre for Manufacturing Excellence conducts our courses regularly for their members. Corporate Training Corporates like Hindustan Latex, Ajmera, LS Patil have conducted this course exclusively for their Senior Management and the course is tailormade to suit. Even its included as part of their annual meet where managers from different branches, factory heads from different locations and even some suppliers attend . In response to the pandemic , we have made this training online also.

3. Guidance & Handholding

Handholding is provided in select functional areas like Implementing 5S,  Revising layouts,  Rationalizing SKU & Process for enterprises inside Kerala. 

 5S – The Japanese Methodology for a Clean and safe workplace is also a great way to start your improvement   efforts. DeltaEta helps companies to implement 5S in their premises. It’s a 3 to 6 months process   starting with Training to staff and handholding till the first cycle is completed.

Revising Layouts – Layouts like Fashion goes out of currency regularly. Unless updated regularly, layout at times becomes an hinderance. DeltaEta  helps save space and distance travelled by updating the layout in line with current and future usage. Its  a 3-6 months project 

Rationalizing   Inventory & SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) – Inventory is money spent on goods to be processed and SKU is the number of individual items the company carries in its stock. DeltaEta analyses them and rationalizes it quantum and count, saving cost, space and the headache. It’s a 3months project 

 Rationalizing Process – Why an extra step?  We review your process and trim it down to make the steps as few as possible . It’s a 3month project.

4. Diagnostic Studies

Identifying the root cause of a problem and formulating the remedial action is often herculean task. A fresh pair of eyes shall unearth the causes faster and an unbiased outside view leads to a better solution. DeltaEta, with its years of   working experience can identify issues and propose cost effective solutions Starting with site visit, in depth interviews from stake holders, document reviews, analyzing best practices. The report is submitted hardbound to last longer. It’s a 2 months project