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Higher Education Institutions, especially the self – financed type are under tremendous pressure to deliver Industry ready students and return on Investment. Macro analysis of the self -Financing colleges delivering Higher Education has revealed 3 major areas of concern viz 1. Low enrollment 2. Poor Placements 3. Low or negative margins. Addressing this concern, DeltaEta offers the following services to HEI’’s.

1.Developing Strategic Plan -The Way Forward

Conducting an in-depth study of the Institution and recommend ” The way forward “ . The report includes   Macro Analysis of the education in Kerala, SWOT analysis of the Institution , Strategic Plan for long term growth, Action plans for Top line and Bottom line improvement, Quick wins, MOCK NIRF ranking, Benchmarking with peers etc. .  Our report shows the way forward. Time -2 months 

2. Curriculum Enrichment Course In Cost Reduction And Constraint Elimination

The   30 hours course   with 15 lessons imparts life skills to the student.  The course acts as a bridge between Academics and Industries, replicating Industry scenarios, and introducing Industry oriented topics   like Costs, Constraints, Breakeven, STR, Lean ,5S etc.  The course makes the students more valuable to the Industries.  Thus, the course shall impart a skill which will help them throughout their career as Cost increases is a major problem at all times in all Industry. 

The course also enables the  college to adopt 5S as a best practice, entitling theInstitution for 45 aspoints asper Key Indicator 1.3 and 7.2 of the NAAC manual   

3.NAAC and NBA Accreditation - Channel partners of Inpods in Kerala

The new millennium has witnessed the use of ICT in all walks of life and Education is no different. Since 2017   the Accreditation process   for  NAAC and NBA  has become online and Teaching has become Learning oriented!  Chalk and Talk methods are getting replaced by Outcome Based Education   and digital   Learning   Management systems. What is learnt is more important than what is taught! DeltaEta is the channel partner of in pods, a Technology service provider focused on Academic outcomes of the student and Institution. The Amazon   cloud-based Accreditation Management systems for NAAC and NBA helps ease the process apart from saving time, resource and headache. Inpods provides training in software usage and provides handholding with a dedicated team of project engineers.


The first challenge Institutions face is knowing their readiness for Accreditation. Inpods’ softwares objectively analyzes the Quantitative Metrics  and the eligibility for pre – qualification as per NAAC guidelines is ascertained ,saving  time , effort , money and morale. Inpods has launched a SELF ASSESS READINESS service for this purpose .

4. Foreign Language Olympiad Association

“To learn a language is to have one more window to look at the world “- Chinese proverb

FLOA helps you to have not one but three new windows to look at this wide world. German, French and Spanish are the three windows  FLOA opens to School students and DeltaEta is proud to associate with FLOA in Kerala as exclusive channel partner.  The course and video lessons  are   free and the exams fees is  only Rs 175/.  Aimed at school students   and later for collegians and adults  students can pass 4 levels of proficiency. This is a boon for their studies, travel and can make a profession if desired.