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Study of No Action Points

SNAP is a tool used to study the "No Action Points" in a process

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Objective of this study is to reduce the time at NO Action Points and thus reduce the Cycle time of a process.

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Cost Reduction achieved

Fixed Cost per unit decreases. Reduced fixed cost helps to bring down the unit cost of a product

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Cost Driver

Cycle time . The time taken to complete the cycle determines the number of cycles possible in a month and it affects the costs in direct proportion

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Core Benefit

Increase production CAPACITY without INCREASING infrastructure ...

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Other benefit

Reduced travel length , reduced risk of damages , reduced use of resources

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Time needed to implement

R3 x cycle time per process : first to study the present process , second to plan the change and third to implement and record the change ..

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Iterations to optimise

4 minimum..

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When is it done?

It can be conducted anytime a process has become routine

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