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    Pattom, TVM, Kerala, India

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DeltaEta is the district service partner for meraGSK Provides GST service in Tivandrum and Kollam districts through franchisees. Franchise fee Rs.40,000/- + 18 % GST , Payable to meraGSK. Service offered by meraGSK – GST Related filings ,Registration,IT Returns etc… Other Services – Business Clinic of DeltaEta. Preferred area -Please specify in sequence of preference. Needed- 1 computer +1 printer +table space /office space. 50% of service fee settled weekly by meraGSK directly to franchisee account. Franchisee – Any individual or existing business or new venture is welcome. Training shall be provided by meraGSK online. Knowledge of account and computer shall be an advantage. for more details visit